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LIGNA.23 show
15.05.2023 - 19.05.2023 / Hannover Germany Halle 13, Stand E12


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Invitation to LIGNA Fair 2023 in hall 13 booth E12

Gladly, we welcome you at our at the fair in hall 13 booth E12.

We are happy to answer your questions.

Reinbold single-shaft shredder AZR 1500 with a tipping trough for shredding chipboard, residual wood, panels

Reinbold on YouTube

A selection of our product videos can be found on Youtube: YouTube Channel from Reinbold

Briquetting of cotton to high-density briquettes with the briquetting press RB 80 SV

The Briquetting Press RB 80 SV Prestige series not only has compact dimensions, but it is also a workhorse. Ideal applications are small and mid-sized companies that are concerned with optimizing the cost/benefit ratio. Prestige series models are supplied complete with hydraulic oil and a safety switch for oil temperature.

Many materials can be compressed, such as: Hard or soft wood, planing materials, wood chips, sawdust and sanding dust when mixed with other materials, wooden materials, particle and chipboard, multiplex, OSB, paper, cardboard, and other material, such as straw, hay, Styrofoam...

Reinbold briquetting press RB 400 RS for producing square briquettes

Application pictures from an installation in a wine barrel manufacturers. The waste utilization of wood chips and wood residues to square briquettes for thermal recycling are produced with a special design of the briquetting press RB 400 RS.


Reinbold with an editorial article in MDF Magazine 10-2015

Briquetting press RB 400 briquetted oak

The Reinbold briquetting press RB 400 S - reliable and efficient briquetting technology for the production of squared briquettes for volume reduction and energy recovery.

The very good packing density of the square briquettes are optimal for storage or transport. In addition, the high-compression briquettes have a very good combustion behavior.

All compressible materials, such as wood chips, wood dust are pressed highly compacted in a die.
As a result, the briquette produced is dimensionally stable and solid. The briquettes are expelled each other. A 30 kW motor drives the hydraulic axial piston pump and can thus produce per minute up to 7 briquettes. The throughput depends on the specific gravity of the material.
The briquetting press can be supplied with a container of 1,400 x 1,400 mm. In addition, there are many technical features, such as Control for the briquetting available.

Briquetting-presses for creating round and squared briquetts

Lots of materials can be pressed like wood chips from hard- or softwood, saw dust, abrasive dust in combination with other materials, paper, straw, styrofoam.
The maximum moistness should not exceed 18%.

Reinbold Single Shaft Shredder AZR 800S

Our machines of the AZR 800 - 2000S series are extremely powerful: their solid construction allows for the efficient and economic shredding of bulky and large materials.

Reinbold Image Movie - Presentation of the AZR 800 SK and RB 80 SV

Watch the shaft shredder AZR 800 SK and briquetting press RB 80 SV in practical use. Plus, technical details and options, such as for example different rotor systems.

Reinbold to showcase new cutting system

For decades, Reinbold has been participating in numerous trade fairs. This year again, at various exhibitions, the specialists for shredding and briquetting technology will present highlights which provide considerable benefits to their customers.

One of the most striking innovations in the field of shredders is the “Rotor-Version 8“ cutting system, which as of now can be integrated into the entire AZR-series. Due to the reduced diameter of the 30 mm circular blades, a rotor with a length of e.g. 600 mm (AZR 600) can be equipped with max. 62 blades. The increased blade number results in a very fine and homogeneous grinding stock, which is also particularly suitable for briquetting. Furthermore, all machines equipped with this new rotor version achieve a very high throughput. Another advantage is the positive effect on maintenance and repair costs: the higher number of blades causes less vibration during the shredding process, which noticeably protects mechanics. The new cutting system was introduced in the framework of a comparative study which was presented to a professional audience at the HOLZ-HANDWERK.

For applications with different requirements, as e.g. for the production of coarse wood chips of pallets and waste wood, the proven rotor versions 5 and 7 are available.

For more than 20 years, the Reinbold Entsorgungstechnik GmbH has been producing shredding and briquetting technology for an extremely broad range of tasks in the wood, plastic and recycling industry. The variety of machinery comprises single-shaft shredders, four-shaft shredders, pre-shredders for pallets, briquetting presses and equipment.

New: Compact Strip Shredders from Reinbold

Reinbold, the specialist for timber shredders and briquettte presses, have extended their extensive and sophisticated range of products by the introduction of the "RLZ" series.

The compact, high-powered strip shredder is specially designed for carpentry shops and medium-sized plants and is suitable for use right alongside processing machines. Long and narrow timber waste such as strips and battens can now be shredded and disposed of quickly and economically.

A special feature of the RLZ shredder is their compact and space-saving design. Their sturdy and well-planned construction are a guarantee for reliable and profitable operation with outstanding throughput rates. Thanks to their rugged design, obstructions such as nails, metal staples etc. are virtually never a problem for the RLZ machines.

Easy access to the wide feeder shaft means that timber waste to be shred can be fed in over the complete rotor width – making work a lot easier. The high-powered intake cylinder ensures that material is fed automatically at an even rate to the rotor. The feed is load-based and switches off automatically in the event of an overload. The shredding process continues until the material has been completely shredded.

On the profile rotor, special, concave-ground round cutting heads provide an efficient scissors cut while only requiring low force. With just a few easy adjustments, the blade can be turned up to 8 times before having to be changed. Sieves with hole diameters from 10 to 50 mm are available depending on the required size of woodchip.

Three different construction sizes are available to suit customer requirements. And there is also a wide range of options for special applications.

For longer boards and profiled sections, Reinbold's product program also includes the horizontal shredder as well as the multi-shaft shredder RMZ. All Reinbold machine's are available for extensive tests.